Transport in London

Transport in London


Fast Facts: The London Tube
London has an underground train network called the Tube. It’s one of the busiest in the world, and it’s the oldest. The first tube train left Paddington Station in 1863, more than 150 years ago. The Tube was a lot cheaper then: a single journey cost six pence. Today it costs about £5. Let’s find out more ...

Fact 1
The Tube has 40 ‘ghost stations’, or stations that people don’t use. Some ghost stations are film sets – you can see them on TV. Other ghost stations are in pop videos!

Fact 2
People often leave things on tube trains. They usually forget their phones, but also strange things, like gorilla costumes and false teeth!

Fact 3
In World War II, Tube stations were safe places. They were underground, so lots of children slept there. On Christmas Day in 1940, workers gave11,000 toys to children on the Tube!

Fact 4
Tube train drivers work very hard. They travel 43 million miles every year. That’s half-way to the sun!



Read and the Fast Facts about the London Tube. What do these numbers refer to?

  • 43 million
  • six
  • 150
  • 11,000
  • 40

Answer the questions.
1 When did the first Tube station open?
2 What do we call stations that people don’t
3 What do people usually leave on Tube trains?
4 Why did people sleep in Tube stations during
World War II?

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Transport in London
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